3 Tips To Achieve Your Business Goals in 2022

We’re heading into the 3rd quarter. It’s time to buckle up and meet your business goals. For many businesses, the 3rd quarter is a key indicator for how the remainder of the year will play out (insert holiday mode in quarter 4). Ideally, even while you’re working on your current goals, you should still be thinking (and planning) ahead. I know sis, it’s a lot to handle but you got this. No need to start panicking. Even if you’re behind right now, with these 3 tips there’s still time to cultivate success in the 3rd quarter and help you to achieve your business goals in 2022.

Get systems set up in the backend of your business
How’s the backend of your business doing so far this year? Be honest. The more structure your business has, the greater success it will experience. Some examples of backend processes include setting up automations, content creation, project management, and the onboarding/offboarding process. Getting all the “behind-the-scenes” work done in your business can take patience, time, and effort but it’s worth it in the end. It will make your business easier to navigate and leave you feeling confident in being the CEO of your business.

Create a sales strategy for Q3 & Q4
It’s not enough to be persistent and present in your business, you must also generate profit. This is where a sales strategy comes in. This could look like showing up in your expertise (consistently), creating a powerful lead magnet, and an automated email sequence. You want to provide value to your potential client so they are actually happy to exchange their email address, foster your lead, showcase your expertise, and lead towards your offer (and hopefully convert to a sale!). A powerful sales strategy will bring your business a consistent stream of leads helping you scale your business more swiftly.

Hire support NOW (
not later)
As a busy business owner, it can be challenging (and sometimes scary) to align your staffing volume with the growth of your business. Knowing when it’s time to hire support in your business isn’t always simple but it’s certainly necessary. If you find you’re working yourself to the bone, running out of hours in the day to get tasks accomplished, or stuck existing in your business rather than growing it, then it’s time to delegate sis. In the words of Peter Drucker “do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

If you focus on these three actions to wrap up the year, I promise you’ll feel organized and aligned in your business — and there’s no better feeling than that going into a new year!
Taking the time to center the third quarter around these items will give you trust and confidence in what lies ahead and how your business can optimize it. We can never predict the future, but we can definitely plan for it. See you in the 3rd quarter queen!

So warmly,


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