A dreamer, believer and natural performer.

Independent singer songwriter Ines Kembel’s music is breathtaking, heartfelt and uplifting.

Delivered like a gift, the talented musician’s melodies come to her between sleeping and waking;  and are recorded independently with the help of musician and producer friends in LA.  An eclectic mix of folk, pop and bluesy vocals , Ines’ music is inspired by her personal experiences. 

Born into the turbulence of the Surinamese civil war, the gifted composer fled to the cosmopolitan port town of Rotterdam, Holland, with her family. Her immersion in the city’s creative, multicultural setting ignited her love affair with music, where she learned piano and toured with her first band. 

As an adult, Ines moved to the United States soaking up Chicago's and New York’s buzzing music scene before moving to Los Angeles to record.

Bursting with personality, the worldly performer  is fluent in six languages and when not writing music, she takes care of her wonderful daughter, and empowers women with an auto-immune disease through