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3 Ways To Prepare Your Back Office For A Successful Launch

Congratulations queen! You are taking the leap and launching a new program. Launching a program can feel like a HUGE commitment. Bottom line sis: launching is stressful. 

You want your launch to be both beneficial AND impactful right? The key to success with your launch is understanding where you should focus your time and efforts and how to manage each step of the process. You’re probably thinking, well what if I do not have any strategies in place for my launch? Girl, I got you. Here are three things to consider when launching your coaching program:

Plan like a pro
A solid plan is the foundation for every single successful launch. Some questions to ask yourself as you are in the planning stage:

  • What will my official launch date be? (make sure to give yourself time for any hiccups that may arise)
  • Who is the target audience for my program (and how can I engage with them to make sure my program is seen by them)
  • How can I build anticipation for my launch? (beta program, waitlist, glimpse into the program, behind the scenes)
  • If you have a team, who can you designate to tackle key action items in the launch process?

1 hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing. Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish! We don’t wish sis, WE DO.

Utilize a project management tool
Thanks to technology there are a ton of tools that can make streamlining workflows more efficient. We work smarter, not harder around here. Using a project management tool :

  • Makes collaboration with team members easier
  • Improves customer/client communication
  • Outlines goals 
  • Eliminates confusion by defining everyone’s role

An effective project management tool can improve how you report work to your team (making you more efficient as a whole), hold everyone accountable for their role, and increase confidence that goals are being reached.

System Integration
Like a house requires a solid foundation , so does your business. You want to ensure that all of your systems and softwares stay on top of their operations so that your business can remain productive and effective. Ensure all systems are connected with each other. This will only be accomplished by making sure every part of your business is properly connected and communicating with one another. For example: 

  • email marketing leads to sales pages 
  • payment processor connected with your CRM system. 

The same way a good team of employees has built great chemistry through collaborating and knowing weaknesses, strengths, and capabilities is the same way systems and software should all work together in perfect harmony to ensure effectiveness and productivity.

The launch is a crucial component for every business owner. However, it does not have to be the nightmare that some make it out to be. With a little time, patience, organization, and execution, you can pull off even the toughest of launches like an expert!

Uncertain that you can get it all done by yourself or even with your team? Let’s chat and see if I can help you pull off a beautifully supported launch…every single time you launch.

So warmly,


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